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SKF Fitness Studio GYM has been the leader of the fitness industry over the past 6 years, emerged as a trend setter and has set higher standards by delivering superior services, facilities, results and experiences that exceed expectations.SKF Fitness Studio GYM continues to be the best experience available.An integrated combination of fitness,nutrition and beauty are staunchly taken care of.

Being fit and healthy has attained a new mantra with the presence of the State of the Art fitness training and exercise center. Experience the healing arts with our body and beauty treatments and therapies that de stress, from dedicated free style areas and group workout studios to personal training sessions, we offer a dynamic fitness environment that keeps members motivated....

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Our trainers design a comprehensive and personalized exercise program which helps you achieve your fitness goals, anything from gaining to losing weight, changing shape, improving your skills for sports or just feeling healthier....


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Escape the dusty city streets and enter a world of raw minimalism. Let the first gush of wind absorb you and forget about the worries of today. Let the industrial warehouse roof and brutal neon signs awaken your primal inner beast. As the biggest warehouse gym in Kurnool, we offer premium equipment constructed from hardened iron, skilled personal trainers and a hygienic environment to set a new benchmark for all gyms in Kurnool.



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